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A recent UGA study revealed that environmental protection equals additional property tax revenue—good news for local governments looking to preserve greenspace.

No one can forget the devastating headlines and images from 2005. Tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes and mudslides wreaked havoc in distant locations and right here at home. Unlike the devastation associated with these catastrophic events that captured the world’s attention, starvation…

magine taking The Bus through town. On the way to school you can sit back and watch videos, music and news much the same way you do on an airplane. Or imagine walking through downtown Athens.

This week’s Faculty Recognition Banquet pays tribute to the outstanding faculty members who are receiving awards for teaching excellence.

John Schell, associate professor of occupational studies, has had a “whale of a time” incorporating contextual teaching and learning principles into one of his classes. Literally.

Summer is that wonderful time when the academic community takes a deep breath to unwind from the past school year and prepare for the coming one.