Feature Stories

Mars attacks!

Radio play, which will be staged at the Classic Center in Athens before a live audience, brings back the days of radio drama, complete with sound effects and acting from a troupe of UGA theatre students.

Beehive death

Honeybee experts Keith Delaplane and Jennifer Berry often get calls about dead bees. They both say that in the winter, bee death in the 10 percent to 15 percent range isn’t unusual. It’s the 50-percent colony losses that catch their…

Before wells run dry

In summer 2000, farmers were losing crops, strict outdoor watering bans were in effect, and many businesses took extreme measures to save water.

On the boardwalk

For the first time in his life, 9-year-old Savannah-native Jay Norris led the way to the water, racing through maritime forest and salt marsh toward the Skidaway River, his wheelchair rolling smoothly over the surface of the trail.

What’s in thin air

“Let’s go to Cusco so we can breathe fresh air,” Peruvians say when they need to escape the traffic and busy life of the main cities. Cuzco’s mayor wanted to find out if that was truism was accurate.

Training for Leadership

Zell Miller, who served as Georgia state senator, lieutenant governor, governor and a U.S. Senator, will provide a historical perspective of the Georgia General Assembly as the featured speaker.