Feature Stories

A fine kettle of fish

With the third highest species diversity of fish in the country, Georgia has a lot of fish—and a lot of fishermen.

The Fab Freshmen

The 4,495 freshmen expected to begin class at the University of Georgia on Thursday represent the most academically prepared entering class in UGA history, according to preliminary statistics from UGA’s Office of Admissions.

Student Ambassadors

UGA’s Student Ambassadors Program is nurturing a new generation of Georgia leaders and preparing them to make significant contributions within the global community.

Thinking globally, acting locally

Preparing students to be world citizens means providing opportunities for international experiences, but it also includes demonstrating the value of contributing to the local community.

The invisible war

Twenty years after the 36-year long civil conflict in Guatemala, a UGA-led research team found many Guatemalan refugees in Mexico still suffering.

Speed the plow

An orange sun peers over the trees as green crops shimmer with morning dew. In the distance, cows are mooing.

Gaining International Legal Experience

While England and the United States have historically been allies, relationships between some citizens were recently put to the test inside a mock courtroom.

The World at Large

“The World at Large,” a tribute to the engagement of UGA faculty, students and visitors from around the world.