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Amazing Students

Julianna Koksarova

International student Julianna Koksarova worked in nonprofit organizations for three years before she decided to pursue more education in the field. When she found there were no programs offered in her homeland, Latvia, she started looking elsewhere. Out of the…

Kausar Samli

Kausar N. Samli, a Ph.D candidate, considers himself a global nomad, but at UGA, he is known for much more. In 2010, he participated in Singularity University—a prestigious entrepreneurial and research think tank in California.

Whitney Ingram

With a passion for research and nanoscale science, Whitney Ingram plans to graduate in spring 2015 with a Ph.D. in physics. Though she’s spent her fair share of time in a laboratory, she’s also been involved in various capacities with…

Ashley David

Ashley David has already had experiences and opportunities to fill a lifetime.  Already an accomplished poet, this Ph.D. student is participating in a UGA-affiliated artist residency program in Vermont.

Jason Lee

Jason Lee is a Ph.D. student in the Institute of Higher Education. After graduation, he plans to continue researching higher education issues as a faculty member or as a research analyst.

Lisa Foster

Lisa Foster, who is earning dual master’s degrees in social work and public health, says her graduate education is a perfect fit for her planned career in the areas of community development, refugee resettlement and global health, particularly HIV/AIDS.