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Amazing Students

Mia Morgan

Her experience at UGA has opened the world up for Mia Catharine Morgan. She does a lot of the same things that many undergraduates do: she hangs out at Jittery Joe’s at the Student Learning Center and plays club and…

Jessica Buday

Senior engineering student Jessica Buday has found her way at UGA. A native of North Carolina, she wanted to go away to college, but wanted to stay in the Southeast. At UGA, she found numerous opportunities with the Faculty of…

Ty Frix

Sophomore Ty Frix has a 3.9 grade point average and is pursuing a biological engineering degree with a biomedical emphasis. If that doesn’t keep him busy, all the time he spends as a member of the UGA football team will…

Christian Olmsted

Senior Christian Olmstead has made a career as an electrician, but when an accident left him disabled he started thinking differently about the ways he could use his skills to help others. He endured more than two dozen surgeries and…

Angela Zachman

Senior engineering student Angela Zachman has enjoyed her time at UGA. As a freshman, she had a music scholarship and was part of the Redcoat Marching Band. As a sophomore, she accompanied the band on a tour of China. She…

ValaRae Partee

ValaRae Partee finds value in conducting research and community service projects that help children. Her ultimate goal is to develop a process by which living organisms are used to clean the air. Given unlimited resources, the environmental engineering junior from…

Alexander Squires

As Alex Squires, a master’s degree student in engineering, continues on his path of academic excellence, the world of robotics may never be the same.

Dayrin Mendez

Dayrin Mendez, a senior in biological engineering, has a “passion for helping those in need” and will use her UGA education as a springboard to obtain her medical degree.

Ryan Brush

As a student ambassador for the College of Engineering, Ryan Brush, a junior in biological engineering, says he’s honored to represent the college that has given him so much direction in life.