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Amazing Students

Aaron Joslin

Aaron Joslin is a Ph.D. student in tropical agroforestry who wants to improve smallholding farmers’ sustainability to reduce pressure on native forests.

Kenneth Ndyabawe

As a Ph.D. student in the College of Engineering, Kenneth Ndyabawe has helped develop a “brain-on-a-chip,” mentored undergraduates and assisted new international students. But he’s also found the time to do a little singing and dancing along the way.

Victoria Barker

The doors of opportunity kept opening for Victoria Barker, through undergrad and now law school, taking her to Canada, Eastern Europe and Russia. Her commitment now is to help people realize their strengths and the power of their own voice.…

Sarah Black

Sarah Black is on a mission to spread the word about food — more specifically, nutrition. As she says, “It is a key component to health and wellness management in our daily lives.” And from day one at UGA, she’s…

Iain Risk

Iain Risk, the Engineering Student of the Year, once traveled deep into Nicaragua to help build a badly needed bridge. The experience was one of many during his time at UGA that prepared him for his new career in construction.…

Laura Courchesne

Laura Courchesne’s passion is understanding the nexus between non-state armed groups and civilian populations, a subject that she’ll be able to continue studying as a 2017 Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University.

Patrick Nicholson

Through an internship in Washington, D.C., Patrick Nicholson discovered what he wanted to do with his life: improve the efficiency of our federal government. And as an intern with Undergraduate Admissions, he’s had the chance to make a “huge impact”…

Brinkley Bray

Brinkley Bray, a senior majoring in biology and Romance languages, has packed in a lot of experience—with plenty of travel, honors and scholarships—during her time at UGA, all preparing her to become a doctor dedicated to delivering quality health care…

Miranda Williams

Bulldog fans are likely to recognize Miranda Williams as the feature twirler at football games. She even won a national title for her twirling prowess, but she also excelled in the classroom and community during her undergraduate career.