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Amazing Students

Apurba Banerjee

As a Ph.D. student in FACS, Apurba Banerjee has been active in several organizations since the day she arrived. And her academic work in the department of textiles, merchandising and interiors will allow her to pursue her passion about implementing…

Sarah Caesar

It was UGA’s diversity that drew Sarah Caesar to campus, and the future physician assistant is “super thrilled to be able to tie my passion for the sciences and people in hopes of making an impact in my community.”

Kathryn Veale

As a third-generation Bulldog, Kathryn Veale has taken advantage of the many opportunities both campus and community offer. After she becomes a Double Dawg, she plans to pursue her passion of preserving history.

Anya Brown

Ph.D. student Anya Brown is passionate about scientific research and teaching, and is committed to continuing to conduct good, sound ecological science in an academic realm as well as creating an inclusive scientific community.

Taylor Newman

Taylor Newman is passionate about food and nutrition, and the future registered dietitian nutritionist wants to work on policies at the highest level to ensure the proper funding and support for the programs near and dear to her heart.

Jason Mizell

Jason Mizell, a Ph.D. student in Language and Literacy Education, is passionate about identifying inequities in education and helping those impacted to acquire the tools they need to rectify those inequities.

Aaron Joslin

Aaron Joslin is a Ph.D. student in tropical agroforestry who wants to improve smallholding farmers’ sustainability to reduce pressure on native forests.

Kenneth Ndyabawe

As a Ph.D. student in the College of Engineering, Kenneth Ndyabawe has helped develop a “brain-on-a-chip,” mentored undergraduates and assisted new international students. But he’s also found the time to do a little singing and dancing along the way.

Victoria Barker

The doors of opportunity kept opening for Victoria Barker, through undergrad and now law school, taking her to Canada, Eastern Europe and Russia. Her commitment now is to help people realize their strengths and the power of their own voice.…