We are the

Laura Courchesne
Laura Courchesne, 2017 Rhodes Scholar

We are taking promising students and turning them into Rhodes Scholars

Among public universities, we are one of the nation’s top three producers of Rhodes Scholars over the past two decades.

We are the birthplace of public higher education in America

Established in 1785, we sparked a movement that continues to shape our nation. Today, public colleges and universities across the United States educate about 15 million students each year.

We are a powerhouse in academics and athletics

U.S. News & World Report ranked us the 16th best national public university. We’re also recognized for our dominance on and off the field by Forbes.

  • #16 Best National Public University
  • #17 College that dominates academically and athletically
Rilee Racine, B.S. in Biology and B.S. in Psychology

We are a launching pad for promising careers

96 percent of our alumni are employed or attending grad school within six months of graduation—well above the national average.

We are tackling the world’s grand challenges

From finding cures for deadly diseases to improving our food supply, UGA faculty and students never stop searching for better solutions.

We are committed to excellence and affordability

The New York Times ranked us #10 among public universities on their College Access Index.

We are preparing the next generation of leaders

We’re committed to match every incoming student with an immersive hands-on learning opportunity because we believe experience cements learning.

We’re the largest university to make this commitment.