$5.25 billion is the University of Georgia’s estimated annual economic impact on the state.

The University of Georgia’s contributions to the economic vitality of Georgia are vast. A UGA degree increases current and future earnings for graduates. Our research brings external funding to the state and also leads to inventions and discoveries for new products and businesses. And our outreach programs contribute to more efficient and productive public agencies and private businesses by providing continuing education and training to thousands of Georgians.

Educating Students
$4.01B impact of UGA Degrees in Georgia
in 2015–2016 academic year

Fueling Discoveries
$487.6M research impact
UGA generated nearly $2 in economic impact for each $1 of federal and foundation research funding received in FY 2016

Serving Georgia
$753.2M public service & outreach impact
UGA is committed to each of Georgia’s 159 counties