December 2003: Vol. 83, No. 1
Lighthouse of Learning
The new $43.6 million Student Learning Center has brought dramatic change to both the Classic City skyline and academic life at UGA.
by Kent Hannon

Cover art: Lighthouse of Learning

Contents page photo: Helping hand for a war-torn beauty

Reaching out to Croatia
A partnership between UGA and the University of Zagreb could turn a war-torn country with a world of potential into a future European Union member.
by Alex Crevar (AB '93)
New Dog in the Senate
First-term U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss (BBA '66) is no freshman when it comes to political influence.
by Krista Reese (MA '80)
The science of food
From improving grocery store tomatoes to combating pathogens in red meat, UGA's food science department plays a vital role in America's food industry.
by Doug Monroe (ABJ '69)
Thunderbird One!
When the Air Force's elite flight demonstration squadron took to the skies in their golden anniversary year, Richard McSpadden (AB '83) led the way.
by Tracy Coley Curlee (ABJ '90)

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