December 1999: Vol. 79, No. 1
Oxford Bound!
Oxford University is the mecca of intellectual discourse, and UGA is the first public university in America with a year-round residency program there. by Alex Crevar (AB '93)

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Kick back! New Herty Field is a feast for the senses!

GM has compressed 100 years of University history into 12 pages, beginning in 1900 when UGA was a small liberal arts school with an enrollment of 279. It's amazing how far we've come.
Staying the course becomes a rallying cry
UGA stands by its race-conscious admissions policy because, as President Michael F. Adams said in a speech to University Council, it's the right thing to do. by Sharron Hannon
Master of true crime
Don Davis (ABJ '62) excels at quickie paperback exposés on the likes of O.J., but his next book—on the JonBenet Ramsey murder—should be a hit in hardback. by Alex Crevar (AB '93)
Whistling while she works
Georgia Magazine goes to lunch with Disney producer Bonnie Arnold (ABJ '77), who brought cybertoons "Toy Story" and "Tarzan" to the screen. by Myles Ludwig
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Millennium Madness! by Patrick Dean (BFA '98)

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