December 1999: Vol. 79, No. 1
From the Editor
Recreating 100 years of University history is a daunting task.

Letters to the Editor
Readers' comments on past issues.

Cover photo: UGA student Ashley Edwards in a photo by Paul Efland
President's Column
UGA is a writers' community
Campus News
Miller's message: read, get smart, fight bigotry. Retiring vps total 62 years at University. To understand El Azul. Biomedical initiative would link UGA, MCG. Uga VI takes over for famous pop. Flashing lights on Lumpkin signal help for pedestrians. Command central staff ready for Y2K bug watch
Transgenic fish may give lab mice day off. Sprouts are a no-no now
97-pound librarian is no weakling. Radiation officer monitoring Chernobyl. Court TV exclusive: secessionists still exist. Ex-Soviet official sounds nuclear alarm
New student demographics. Goldwater Scholar is lacrosse standout. "Real World" casting attracts 700 wannabes. "Road Trip" film crew also descends on UGA. UGA's the rage in rankings
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