March 1999: Vol. 78, No. 2
Making an impact
In 1957, Jack Loizeaux (BS '40) imploded his first building with explosives. Four decades later, the Loizeaux family is world-famous for reducing huge structures to dust. by Laura Wexler

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Physical Master Plan aims to restore old-fashioned sense of community

Self-defense for your mind
A UGA history professor argues that students must learn history—not to memorize facts, but to arm themselves against others' interpretations of the past. by Bryant Simon
Why can't the rest of campus look like this?
The new Physical Master Plan imagines what UGA would be like if the beauty of North Campus could be replicated throughout the University's 600 acres. by Kent Hannon
A possible dream
Erwin Mitchell's (JD '48) crusade to educate the influx of Spanish-speaking children into Dalton, Ga., has turned an educational crisis into a cultural opportunity. by Laura Wexler
"We went to Vietnam and some of us came back"
The terrible beauty of Vietnam art brought five former soldiers together. Their work appears in a wonderful new book published by the National Vietnam Veterans Museum in Chicago.
Back Page: The (Mis)Information Age
The Internet gets caught in the crossfire as two journalism professors—former Associated Press correspondent Conrad Fink and Web-site guru Scott Shamp—debate its merits.
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