September 2001: Vol. 80, No. 4
America's best college town!
When you make that kind of claim, you better be able to back it up at least 10 different ways. We can. by Sharron Hannon

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Newly accredited McPhaul Center is 73 years young—and better than ever!

Seeking immunity
UGA's new Center for Tropical and Emerging Global Diseases is taking aim at infections and parasites that kill 17 million people worldwide each year. by Paul Karr
Childcare extraordinaire
UGA's McPhaul Child and Family Development Center provides a nurturing environment for children and the student teachers who get real-world experience there. by Tracy Coley Curlee (ABJ '90)
Wired City
When the World Teleport Association went looking for a Web-savvy metropolis to honor, it considered New York, London, and Toronto, but chose LaGrange, Ga.—which, thanks to the ingenuity of two UGA alumni, provides free Internet service to all of its citizens. by Richard Hyatt
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When the friendly skies are not so friendly. by Lee Shearer (AB '72)

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