SportsSeptember 1999: Vol. 78, No. 4

Football team honored for 73 percent grad rate

A football team graduation rate of 73 percent has earned UGA an Honorable Mention ranking from the American Football Coaches Association.

The AFCA honor, part of the organization's annual Academic Achievement Awards, is based on the class of football players who enrolled during the 1993-94 school year. The AFCA counts players who transfer into a school's program and graduate in five years, and, unlike the NCAA, it doesn't penalize a school if a player transfers out of the program in good academic standing. NCAA graduation statistics count transfers as non-grads, even if they graduate within five years at another school.


A new football seating configuration will put an end to those situations where visiting teams realize a quasi-home field advantage from sitting en masse in the west end zone. Better buy high-altitude gear, all you Jacket lovers, Rocky Top yodelers, and Auburnites because you're now in the upper reaches of the east end zone. Students who used to occupy sections 315-319 will switch to the west end zone, where they can woof-woof big-time when visitors are backed up to their own goal line. Athletic officials have wanted to make the change for years, but couldn't because of existing seating contracts with SEC schools. Those contracts have now expired—and not a moment too soon, given the damage Tech fans inflicted on the Hedges last year.

Georgia's class was made up of 22 student-athletes, 16 of whom graduated within five years. Twenty-four Division I schools joined Georgia as Honorable Mention schools. Duke was the 1999 award winner with a graduation rate of 100 percent (12 of 12).

The SEC, ACC, and Mid-American conferences each had five schools with graduation rates of 70 percent or better. Joining Georgia from the SEC were Mississippi, Mississippi State, Tennessee, and Vanderbilt.

The overall football graduation rate of the 94 institutions participating in the AFCA survey was 56 percent.

Football parking is a new ball game in '99

If you read the story on this page, you know that Herty Field has gone green again, making it an even better place to picnic—just as long as you don't plan to park there. Here are more new parking regulations for the 1999 football season:

Towing policies enforced
Unauthorized vehicles left in restricted lots overnight will be towed. That means you can't leave a car in a restricted lot Friday night and expect it to be there after the game—unless you have a special football parking permit. This applies to restricted lots such as Stegeman, Field Street, East Campus, Jrl-Psychology, and the bookstore. If a car is illegally parked in a restricted lot when police check at 6 a.m. Saturday, it will be towed.

Sky suites disrupt Field St.
Field Street parking places controlled by the athletic association will be affected by construction of new sky suites at the stadium. Plan to arrive earlier than usual, and remember there are spaces on both ends of Field Street.

Don't hog tailgate space
Don't save tailgate space for other people or set up your tailgate party in an open space that others could use for parking. Failure to observe this request could result in a loss of your parking permit.

Dogs win six individual NCAA titles in '98-'99

See this story on 4 team titles.



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