UGA's Rhodes Scholars: 1903-99

In 1902 the University of Oxford established the Rhodes Scholarship, according to the will of Cecil Rhodes, who died earlier that same year. Twenty-three University of Georgia students have earned the prestigious scholarship since the program's inception, including Robert Preston Brooks, who was named one of the first Rhodes Scholar in 1904, and eight in the last sixteen years. The following is a list of the UGA Rhodes Scholars and their accomplishments.

Robert Preston Brooks Rhodes Scholar: 1904
AB '04. Professor of economics, dean of the UGA School of Commerce, 1920 to 1945. (Brooks Hall is named in his honor). First alumni secretary. Founder and editor of the Georgia Alumni Record. Deceased.
Henry Lee Jewett Williams Rhodes Scholar: 1908
AB '07. Episcopal minister and professor of New Testament Greek at University of the South. Captain in the U.S. Army's 82nd Infantry Division. Killed in action in Albert France, on June 9, 1918.
E. Warren Moise Rhodes Scholar: 1911
AB '11. Partner in Atlanta law firm, Moise, Post and Gardner. Legal counsel, member of the board of directors, First National Bank. Deceased.
Georgia S. Whitehead Rhodes Scholar: 1916
AB '15, MA '16. Attorney in Burlingame, Calif. Deceased.
Frank W. Harrold Rhodes Scholar: 1919
AB '20. Head of Bottle Sales Department, Coca-Cola Co. Vice-president for marketing, Coca-Cola Export Corporation. Deceased.
E. Way Highsmith Rhodes Scholar: 1922
BS '21. Special assistant to U.S. attorney general. Partner in Brunswick law firm of Reese, Scarlett, Bennet, and Highsmith. General counsel, Hercules Inc., Wilmington, Del. Deceased.
Hervey M. Cleckley Rhodes Scholar: 1924
BS '24. Clinical professor of neuro-psychiatry, Medical College of Georgia. Chief of psychiatry/neuropsychiatry, University Hospital, Augusta, Ga. Co-author of Three Faces of Eve, which dealt with multiple personalities of one of his patients. Book was made into a popular film. Deceased.
Allen Post Rhodes Scholar: 1927
AB '27. Partner with fellow Rhodes winner E.W. Moise in Atlanta law firm of Moise, Post, and Gardner, which merged with another firm to form Hansell and Post. Deceased.
Thomas J. Hamilton Rhodes Scholar: 1928
AB '28. Reporter, Atlanta Journal. Reporter, Associated Press's Washington and London bureaus. New York Times bureau chief: United Nations, Bonn, Geneva. Deceased.
Milton P. Jarnigan Jr. Rhodes Scholar: 1931
AB '29, MS '31. Distinguished mathematician and two-time Georgia state chess champion who, during World War II, headed the computations division of the U.S. Guided Missile Center, Chincoteague, Va. Deceased.
Eugene T. Booth Rhodes Scholar: 1934
BS '32, MS '34. Helped install atom-splitting machine at Columbia University, worked with Uranium 235 in development of the atomic bomb (Manhattan Project). Department head in physics, Columbia University. Scientific director, SCALANT Research Center, Italy. Dean of graduate studies and director of research, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, N.J. Retired. Lives in Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.
Benson E. L. Timmons Rhodes Scholar: 1938
AB '37. Minister of economic affairs, American Embassy in Paris. Director, International Cooperation Administration Mission to France. Director, Office of European Regional Affairs, U.S. State Department counselor and deputy chief of mission, American Embassy in Stockholm. Deputy chief of mission, American Embassy in New Delhi. U.S. Ambassador to Haiti. Lives in Southhampton, N.Y.
Morris B. Abram Rhodes Scholar: 1939
AB '38. Left his Atlanta law firm in 1962 to become a partner in New York firm of Paul Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton, and Garrison. President of Brandeis University (1968 to 1970), U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations in Europe (1989 to 1993). Current chairman of the U.N. Watch in Geneva.
Robert Edge Rhodes Scholar: 1960
AB '60. Managing partner, Atlanta law firm of Alston & Bird. Managing director, Metropolitan Opera. President, Atlanta Music Festival Association. President, American Association of Rhodes Scholars. Fund-raising chairman for UGA's Performing and Visual Arts Complex. Steering committee member, UGA's Third Century Campaign. Lives in Atlanta.
Fred F. Manget Rhodes Scholar: 1973
AB '73. Legal counsel, Central Intelligence Agency. Lives in Sterling, Va.

Since 1996, The University of Georgia has had eight students named Rhodes Scholars:

Robert Sutherland Rhodes Scholar: 1996
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Scott Hershovitz Rhodes Scholar: 1998
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Beth Shapiro Rhodes Scholar: 1999
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Adam Cureton Rhodes Scholar: 2003
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Deep Shah Rhodes Scholar: 2008
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Kate Vyborny Rhodes Scholar: 2008
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Tracy Yang

Rhodes Scholar: 2011
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Elizabeth Allan Rhodes Scholar: 2013
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