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Different kind of spring break in South Africa

photos by Peter Frey

While many of their peers were heading south to spend spring break in the Florida sunshine, a contingent of Foundation Fellows—UGA’s top scholarship group—was heading even further south. All the way to South Africa, in fact, to examine how a nation and its people have changed in the
10 years since the fall of apartheid.

The ­students visited rural schools, met with local children and their teachers, splashed in the frigid waters of the south Atlantic, and even saw an unusual colony of penguins.

Imbibing equal doses of South Africa’s vibrant culture and tumultuous sociopolitical history, the students gained insight into state-sponsored segregation, as well as the nation’s inspiring triumphs born from the sacrifices of Nelson Mandela and others who worked to end apartheid.

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photos by Peter Frey

Click on image to enlarge

Seagulls fly over the harbor at Victoria’s Albert Waterfront, a new ­shopping mall the students visited.

Recent graduate Leslie Wolcott (AB ’05) walks with a Langan girl, their little fingers intertwined in a ­cultural gesture similar to hand-holding.

The Foundation Fellows were treated to live ­music at a restaurant near Stellenbosch.

Senior Katherine Morgan (at left) and recent graduate Amy Sexauer (AB ’05, BS ’05) receive traditional face-paintings courtesy of ­locals at the restaurant.

Recent graduate Adam Sparks (AB ’05) photographs an apartheid relic at the District 6 Museum.

Lionel Davis, political prisoner-turned-tour guide at Robben Island Prison, shows students the cell in which Nelson Mandela was imprisoned.

Students listen to a teacher at the ­Chrisani School in Langa, a facility named after ­Nelson Mandela’s running mate who was ­assassinated before taking office.

Junior Priya Chandan (at left) and recent graduate Allison Carter (AB ’05) go over directions with UGA geography professor Amy Ross, the trip’s leader.

School children in the ­Langan township outside Cape Town ask junior economics major Yves Bouillett to ­examine their notebooks.