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Master plan

An overview of projects and improvements on the University of Georgia campus.

When a Baltimore landscape design firm was
hired in 1997 to help the University create a new Physical Master Plan, one of the principals of that firm praised the UGA campus and those who
tend to it.

“There is a pervasive love for this place, more
so than anywhere we’ve worked, including UVA
and UNC-Chapel Hill,” said Adam Gross of
Ayers Saint Gross. “And Broad Street frames one
of the greatest college towns in America, along with Franklin Street in Chapel Hill and Nassau Street
at Princeton.”

Gross also said that UGA does the best job of any university in maintaining its grounds and open spaces.

“When UVA president John Casteen visited here,” said Gross, “he went home and said to his people, ‘Why is the University of Georgia so beautiful in comparison to us?’ ”

The master plan that Gross and UGA’s campus architects created is now in full bloom from Broad to Riverbend. Driven by academic priorities and dedicated to creating more greenspace, today’s UGA campus is being transformed by more than $600 million in capital development projects that are either under way or in the planning stages.

To book a tour, call the UGA Visitors Center (706/542-0842). In the meantime, here’s a preview.

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Ramsey Center greenspace

Administration Building exterior

Center for Applied Genetic Technologies performs groundbreaking research in radiometric and stable isotope analysis.

Animal Health and BioResource Facility

Remodeled Moore College, built in 1874, is home to the Foundation Fellows.

Candler Hall is home to new School of Public and International Affairs.

Artist’s rendering of proposed addition to Georgia Museum of Art.

Coverdell Center: Improving food supply, cleaning environment, curing disease.

Edgar L. Rhodes Animal and Dairy Sciences Complex houses everything from 4-H offices to stem cell labs.

Parking decks like this one on Jackson Street help create a pedestrian-friendly campus.

The food court at East Village Commons serves made-to-order edibles to please any palette.

The East Campus Village residence hall complex features furnished living rooms, kitchens with microwaves and full-sized refrigerators, private bedrooms, high-speed Web access, and cable TV connectivity.

J. W. Fanning Building: Training community leaders.

A $42 million food sciences addition included four microbiology labs and three biocontainment labs to enhance UGA's research on foodborne pathogens.

Gordon Jones Gallery interior renovations

Artist’s rendering of proposed addition to Georgia Museum of Art.

Since the Boyd Golf Center was built in 1998, both the UGA men's and women's teams have won national championships. The $600,000 facility features country-club caliber locker rooms, spacious coaches offices, a lounge with a panoramic view of the 1th green, club storage/repair areas, computer work stations, and a kitchen.

Herty Field’s ambiance makes it a perfect place to kick back and relax, but wi-fi accessibility also makes it a great place to study.

J. W. Fanning Building: Training community leaders.

The new Peabody Awards office suite has a ­winners gallery, a new seminar room, and three times as much space.

Located on the second floor of the Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall, the Larry Munson Trophy Room is a tribute to athletic excellence.

Baldwin Street improvements make it safer—and more appealing—to pedestrians.

This memorial garden (located at Baldwin St. and Sanford Dr.) honors those who gave their life for their country.

Myers Hall renovation