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Why I give


"When I first saw the study rooms, I thought about the problem my friends and I had during my sophomore year at Georgia. A group of us were taking a physics class and each week we were assigned six problems. We worked on three problems in groups of three in our apartments and then we would meet together in the Science Library to discuss our findings, knowing we were always at risk of being thrown out of the library for making too much noise. When I saw the study rooms in the SLC, I knew we would have loved to have had a room like this to meet and study, but there was nothing like this on campus in 1969."Darrell Gibson Lowrey (BS ’72)

Drs. Darrell and Rebekah Lowrey of Rome, Ga., gave the UGA Libraries $25,000 for the technology endowment used to support the Student Learning Center. A study room in the SLC was named in honor of their family. The Lowrey Family Study Room recognizes Darrell and Rebekah Lowrey’s family, including their daughter Reagen (BBA ’03) and son Barton, who is a UGA junior. It also honors Darrell Lowrey’s siblings and extended family who attended UGA. Though neither of Darrell Lowrey’s parents attended college, his father, Robert Sidney Lowrey, was a state representative for 16 years and considered J. W. Fanning a close friend. Rep. Lowrey spent much of his time in the legislature promoting UGA.

(photo at top) The Lowrey family: Darrell, Rebekah, Reagen and Barton. Special photo.

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