June 2008 Vol. 87: No. 3 : Around the Arch

Assessing student behavior

A Behavioral Assessment and Response Council was appointed in March to handle serious behavioral problems exhibited by UGA students. Vice President for Student Affairs Rodney Bennett is chairman of the eight-member council, which includes representatives from university counseling, psychiatric services, housing, legal affairs, disability resources and police. The council was the top recommendation by a committee assigned to study psychological services and protocols at UGA. The committee was formed in the wake of a deadly on-campus shooting at Virginia Tech. Students are referred to the council for making direct threats or inflicting physical violence, attempting or expressing interest in suicide, committing sexual assault, stalking, committing self-injury, being continuously disruptive in the classroom, engaging in high risk behaviors such as drug abuse or conducting themselves in a way that threatens the health or safety of another person. The council is empowered to take action toward the individual, including barring from campus, suspension, ordering involuntary medical leave or requiring psychological evaluation.