June 2008 Vol. 87: No. 3 : Around the Arch

Delta Prize

Martti Ahtisaari, former president of Finland, was awarded the 2008 Delta Prize for Global Understanding. Ahtisaari founded the independent Crisis Management Initiative that helped broker peace between Indonesia and the Free Aceh Movement in 2005 and also called for expanded roles of women in peace talks and greater support for multinational agencies, like the United Nations and European Union. His post-presidential activities include monitoring the decommissioning of IRA weapons in Northern Ireland; chairing an independent panel on the security and safety of U.N. personnel in Iraq; and serving as U.N. special envoy for the Kosovo status process, U.N. special envoy for the Horn of Africa and personal envoy of the chairman of organization for security and cooperation in Europe for Central Asia. The Delta Prize is awarded annually by Delta Airlines and UGA to an individual whose initiatives have helped promote world peace.