Feature Stories

40 Under 40 Class of 2017

Alumni Association celebrates the personal, professional and philanthropic achievements of young UGA graduates.

Immersive engagement

New Josiah Meigs Teaching Professor James E. “Jeb” Byers says “engagement empowers students. It also invigorates me and continues to intensify my passion for teaching.”

Seeking a win-win

Georgia Sea Grant funds project to enhance state’s jellyfish industry.

Deep impression

New Josiah Meigs Teaching Professor Annette Poulsen has “an exceptional way of relating to and inspiring her students.”

Gathering the D.C. Dawgs

More than 650 alumni and friends attended the UGA in Washington reception June 21 at Union Station.

Crossing boundaries

New Distinguished Research Professor John Drake is “possibly the leading ecologist of his generation.”

Global expert

New Distinguished Research Professor Jessica Kissinger has helped transform how pathogen research is conducted.

Unlocking the brain

New Distinguished Research Professor Tianming Liu is taking brain mapping to a new level.

Engineered for success

UGA’s College of Engineering celebrates its five-year anniversary and plans the next phase of its evolution.

Tangible benefits

UGA writing program brings elementary students to campus, helps build confidence.

Genetics pioneer

New Distinguished Research Professor Peggy Ozias-Akins’ work could have enormous impact on agriculture.

Elite historian

New Distinguished Research Professor Claudio Saunt believes history is not merely for academicians.