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Amazing Students

Arturia Melson-Silimon

Arturia Melson-Silimon has plenty of academic accolades along with involvement in student organizations, but she says her biggest accomplishment is becoming a mentor and role model.

Nettie Brown

Nettie Brown has become immersed in student organizations, won academic honors, presented research in France, and she has grand plans to put her engineering education to good use in the medical field.

Brendan Abernathy

Regardless of what Brendan Abernathy ends up pursuing, he wants to help people realize their dreams. Right now, UGA is giving him the opportunity to live out his dreams — traveling the world, helping the community, pursuing his musical interests…

Morgan Gibbs

Morgan Gibbs has found the perfect balance at UGA. The Goldwater Scholar has had a laser focus on research from her first day on campus, and she also finds great enjoyment as a member of the Redcoat Band.

Brittany Jenkins

Brittany Jenkins is the epitome of a successful STEM student. As a Ph.D. student in genetics, she is committed to finding a cure for cancer, and she has found the support at UGA to help her achieve her lofty goals.…

Caroline Maguire

Caroline Maguire has experienced a lot since she started at UGA, but it was through UGA Miracle that the future doctor discovered her true passion and purpose: “To give of myself so that others may be happy and healthy.”

Rilee Racine

Rilee Racine was drawn to UGA because of the broad range of opportunities it offers. Aside from the excellent academics, she has participated in cheerleading, worked in a state of the art research lab and become involved in organizations across…

Lukas Woodyard

Lukas Woodyard’s life revolves around theatre — specifically in the job of dramaturg. It’s taken him to London and New York City, and he’s worked on several productions at UGA. One of those shows “confirmed what I wanted to do…

Caroline Beadles

Caroline Beadles has studied internationally, volunteered in the community, conducted research and much more during her undergraduate years. The next step is to become a physician assistant so she can engage with a wide range of individuals to provide comprehensive…