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Amazing Students

UGA Senior Eric Jones is passionate about a career in broadcast journalism, thanks to the many collegiate experiences he has had while at the university. This Vidalia, Georgia native has studied abroad in France during the Cannes Film Festival, participated…

A proposal for a mobile software application that promotes sustainable agriculture and local food consumption sent Brinkley Warren, a UGA graduate student in the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications, to Singularity University in California this summer. Warren was…

Jason Hafford has been a campus tour guide at the UGA Visitor Center since his freshman year. As a tour guide, he shares his enthusiasm about UGA with prospective students and their families.

“Paging Dr. Morgan. Repeating. Paging Dr. Morgan.” While the sounds of this page may not yet be reverberating in a hospital hallway, they will be soon enough.

Ariel Chan loves food. So much so that this self-proclaimed “foodie” is planning to dedicate her career to plant breeding in order to employ genetic technologies for agricultural advancements, including strategies to combat world hunger.

Kausar N. Samli, a Ph.D candidate, considers himself a global nomad, but at UGA, he is known for much more. In 2010, he participated in Singularity University—a prestigious entrepreneurial and research think tank in California.

Whether he’s in Dr. Melissa B. Davis’ genetic lab conducting breast cancer research, studying in the Science Library, tutoring local school children or playing a pick up game of basketball in the Ramsey Center, Chris Walker is a busy guy!…

It’s obvious why Jonathan Arogeti was offered the prestigious honor of delivering the Commencement Address. Between his scholastic honors, his service to others and his commitment to campus activities, Jonathan exemplifies the spirit of UGA.

Dervin Junior Cunningham exemplifies how a UGA student can make the most of his freshman year. The son of Jamaican immigrants and the first in his family to attend college, Dervin has already achieved a variety of scholastic successes.

Dyci Manns says it best. “College isn’t about picking a major; it’s about doing a bunch of crazy, seemingly unrelated things that show you what life is all about.”

Ph.D. candidate Nicole Camastra epitomizes achievement and determination.

Katherine Cherry lives, on a daily basis, by the motto that “creative risk is necessary for groundbreaking achievement.”

A sincere commitment to mankind makes Trey Sinyard truly amazing.

A passion for public service is a trademark of this week’s amazing student, Jill Turner.