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Lacy, Kip
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Christian Olmsted

Christian Olmsted

Senior Christian Olmstead has made a career as an electrician, but when an accident left him disabled he started thinking differently about the ways he could use his skills to help others. He endured more than two dozen surgeries and finally completed his associate’s degree at Athens Technical College. While there, one of his professors suggested that he consider a career in education. Fortunately for Christian, one of the best colleges of education in the country is at the University…

Chris Suddeth

Christopher Suddeth

Chris Sudduth’s diverse interests keep him busy and extend his college experience beyond the classroom.. Graduating from UGA in the spring of 2012 with a B.S. Ed. in exercise and sports science and a minor in cellular biology, Chris volunteers in the local community, is active in a pre-med organization, is deeply involved in research in the department of kinesiology, has participated in a study abroad program and is a frequent visitor to the Ramsey Center training facility. 

Nathan Byrd

Nathan Byrd

As a campus minister with the Baptist Collegiate Ministries, Nathan Byrd is in constant contact with undergraduate students, either through counseling or working with them on ministry projects. Some of his students even talked him into riding his bike 300 miles to Jacksonville, Fla. during fall break as part of a fundraiser for collegiate summer missions. He didn’t seem to mind too much though, because he has had to sacrifice cycling time while pursuing his Ph.D. in adult education. After…

C. Blake McDaniel

C. McDaniel

C. Blake McDaniel is interested in the intersection of law and business, and he’s taking advantage of the educational opportunities in both fields at UGA. He is seeking a juris doctor degree from the School of Law and a master of business administration degree from the Terry College of Business. He’s interested in working with governments to establish and revise the laws and regulations that govern international transactions, with the goal of making them as efficient as possible. As a…

Rebecca Parker

Rebecca Parker

Rebecca Parker came to UGA for two reasons: the kinesiology department and the CURO program. While here, she has combined her experiences in the two into a very successful undergraduate career. She and a fellow student even created a compression device to modulate a pseudo-exercise experience and have used it to explore the possibilities of compression therapy for people with chronic conditions. She has presented at several conferences and spent the summer working on the project at the Shepherd Center…

Chandra Deanne Peyton

Chandra Peyton

Chandra Peyton epitomizes a well-rounded UGA student. Whether studying for one of her major classes in family and consumer science education, working at UGA’s Housing Department to help pay her way through school, serving in a leadership capacity in the Dawg Daze program or volunteering with local school children in the community, Chandra has embraced her university experience. Her busy schedule and commitment to her chosen profession of education truly make her amazing.