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Lavelle, Torre
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Milling, Robert

Robert Millings

Robert Millings is an undergraduate student at UGA’s campus in Tifton, Georgia. He is a native of Moultrie, Georgia and completed an agricultural internship this summer with U.S. Representative Sanford Bishop, Jr. in Washington, D.C. Robert plans to pursue a career in the chemical, seed or fertilizer industry after he graduates from UGA this December with his degree in Agriscience and Environmental Systems.

Golshir, Justin

Justin Golshir

Justin Golshir is president of the of the University of Georgia chapter of the student-run international exchange program called AIESEC, which is a French acronym for L’Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commercial, and it’s the largest nonprofit work exchange program run by students. AIESEC operates in more than 87 countries worldwide and at more than 800 universities. The UGA chapter was re-established two years ago by international business major Ryan Gembala (BBA ’03). Since then it has…

Brennan, Pete

Pete Brannan

Pete Brannan is a former Navy tactical jet reconnaissance navigator who flew 67 combat missions over North Vietnam in 1972-73. Today he is a technology education teacher who uses his skills to manage and teach—and he does it well. He takes on a wide variety of students and has a long list of awards recognizing his efforts. He is now pursuing a doctorate at UGA and giving presentations to his peers so he can share the secrets to his success.…

Corbet, Shavonne

Shavonne Corbet

Shavonne Corbet recently won a Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation Frontiers for Veterinary Medicine Fellowship. This competitive, nationwide fellowship program awards summer research grants to a select group of veterinary students based on project proposals that seek innovative methods to advance veterinary medicine and promote the humane treatment of animals. This summer, Shavonne went to Puerto Rico to collect carapace (shell) samples from wild green sea turtles and analyze the samples for mercury, a ubiquitous environmental contaminant and immunosuppressive agent. The…

Pettis, Victoria

Victoria Pettis

Victoria Pettis is a married mother of two children. Besides being a doctoral student in Language Education, she is an English teacher at Clarke Central High School in Athens. Using critical race theory as a theoretical lens, her dissertation explores how English teachers negotiated issues of race in five books within the context of a teacher book club. Victoria has earned external grants and recognition from the AERA/Spencer Foundation, Teaching Tolerance Foundation, and National Conference of Teachers of English in…

Childs, Becky

Becky Childs

Becky Childs studies the dialects of residents of Texana, a 150-member African-American community nestled in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. Although most of Texana’s residents are African American, Becky is finding that they engage in large-scale vowel rotations, or shifts in vowel pronunciation, characteristic of Appalachian Whites who more typically inhabit the Smoky Mountains. Her work illuminates the importance of considering the regional characteristics of African-American speech. Becky also has obtained grant funding to compile and preserve Texana’s oral…