The University of Georgia
Lacy, Kip
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Dervin Junior Cunningham

Dervin Cunningham

Dervin Junior Cunningham exemplifies how a UGA student can make the most of his freshman year. The son of Jamaican immigrants and the first in his family to attend college, Dervin has already achieved a variety of scholastic successes.

Manns, Dyci

Dyci Manns

Dyci Manns says it best. “College isn’t about picking a major; it’s about doing a bunch of crazy, seemingly unrelated things that show you what life is all about.”

Christina Danielle Swoope

Christina Swoope

Christina Swoope has experienced UGA to the fullest.

Camastra, Nicole

Nicole Camastra

Ph.D. candidate Nicole Camastra epitomizes achievement and determination.

Thorington, Adria

Adria Thorington

Adria Thorington has never met a challenge she couldn’t tackle.

Cherry, Katherine

Katherine Cherry

Katherine Cherry lives, on a daily basis, by the motto that “creative risk is necessary for groundbreaking achievement.”