The University of Georgia
Lacy, Kip
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Turner, Jillian

Jillian Turner

A passion for public service is a trademark of this week’s amazing student, Jill Turner.

Sinyard, Trey

Trey Sinyard

A sincere commitment to mankind makes Trey Sinyard truly amazing.

Thorington, Adria

Adria Thorington

Adria Thorington has never met a challenge she couldn’t tackle.

Christina Danielle Swoope

Christina Swoope

Christina Swoope has experienced UGA to the fullest.

Manns, Dyci

Dyci Manns

Dyci Manns says it best. “College isn’t about picking a major; it’s about doing a bunch of crazy, seemingly unrelated things that show you what life is all about.”

Dervin Junior Cunningham

Dervin Cunningham

Dervin Junior Cunningham exemplifies how a UGA student can make the most of his freshman year. The son of Jamaican immigrants and the first in his family to attend college, Dervin has already achieved a variety of scholastic successes.

Jonathan Arogeti

Jonathan Arogeti

It’s obvious why Jonathan Arogeti was offered the prestigious honor of delivering the Commencement Address. Between his scholastic honors, his service to others and his commitment to campus activities, Jonathan exemplifies the spirit of UGA.

Walker, Chris

Chris Walker

Whether he’s in Dr. Melissa B. Davis’ genetic lab conducting breast cancer research, studying in the Science Library, tutoring local school children or playing a pick up game of basketball in the Ramsey Center, Chris Walker is a busy guy!…

Woody Morgan

Woody Morgan

“Paging Dr. Morgan. Repeating. Paging Dr. Morgan.” While the sounds of this page may not yet be reverberating in a hospital hallway, they will be soon enough.