The University of Georgia
Lavelle, Torre
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Eric Jones

Eric Jones

UGA Senior Eric Jones is passionate about a career in broadcast journalism, thanks to the many collegiate experiences he has had while at the university. This Vidalia, Georgia native has studied abroad in France during the Cannes Film Festival, participated…

Colleen Murphy

Colleen Murphy

Whether twirling between the hedges at Sanford Stadium as UGA’s head majorette or leading a tour for future students at the Visitors Center, Colleen Murphy exudes the spirit of the University of Georgia. This Maryland native will graduate in spring…

Caroline Daniel

Caroline Daniel

One day, she plans to be an attorney and newscaster.  For now, Caroline Daniel of Elberton is relishing in her UGA experiences that have taken her from campus to Washington, D.C. to Spain and beyond.

Sam Reinhardt

Sam Reinhardt

A “news junkie,” Sam Reinhardt will graduate with a double major in newspapers and finance, with certificates in business and German politics. The Tift County native has studied abroad and participated in the Washington Semester and model United Nations program…

Harris, Felicia

Felicia Harris

While Felicia Harris’s four-year-old son was off to preschool in mid-August, Felicia was off to school, too. She began her doctoral program in the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, where she earned a master’s degree in health and…

McIntosh, Shari h.env.TB

Shari McIntosh

Senior Shari McIntosh has found her voice. She says the University of Georgia has been the catalyst for her to fulfill her “personal mantra of being able to lead, serve, impact and grow.”

Samantha Meyer

Samantha Meyer, a senior majoring in public relations and women’s studies, keeps herself busy in a handful of student organizations, loves traveling and enjoys the “traditional” college experience that UGA offers. 

pulaski paige h.env TB

Paige Pulaski

Paige Pulaski, a senior with a double major in theatre and mass media arts, has spent a lot of her time at UGA on the stage when not in the classroom, and the experience has helped prepare her for a…

Geer, Rebeka H.Env TB

Rebeka Geer

Rebeka Geer, a senior majoring in public relations, has—literally—climbed some amazing heights during her years as a student at UGA.