The University of Georgia
Lavelle, Torre
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Camastra, Nicole

Nicole Camastra

Ph.D. candidate Nicole Camastra epitomizes achievement and determination.

Thorington, Adria

Adria Thorington

Adria Thorington has never met a challenge she couldn’t tackle.

Cherry, Katherine

Katherine Cherry

Katherine Cherry lives, on a daily basis, by the motto that “creative risk is necessary for groundbreaking achievement.”

Sinyard, Trey

Trey Sinyard

A sincere commitment to mankind makes Trey Sinyard truly amazing.

Turner, Jillian

Jillian Turner

A passion for public service is a trademark of this week’s amazing student, Jill Turner.

Hines, Marcus

Marcus Hines

Whether this Foundation Fellow is studying, volunteering, working or singing, Marcus Hines is one of the busiest and most involved individuals on campus

Yang, Tracy

Tracy Yang

“Amazing” seems too simplistic to describe Tracy Yang. Rhodes Scholar, Foundation Fellow, Honors student and Truman Scholar are just a few of her many UGA accomplishments and accolades. After graduating this spring, Tracy plans to attend graduate school at Oxford…

Sarah and Joanne Quinn

Sarah Quinn

Sarah is receiving degrees in art and art history; together with her mother, Joanne (see Joanne Quinn’s amazing student profile), the Quinns prove UGA can be a family affair.

Sarah and Joanne Quinn

Joanne Quinn

Joanne is receiving her master of social work degree from the School of Social Work; together with her daughter, mentioned separately, the Quinns prove UGA can be a family affair.