The University of Georgia
Lavelle, Torre
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Molnar, Adam

Adam Molnar

Adam Molnar’s passion is helping people understand statistics. Molnar, who has traveled all over the world promoting statistical literacy, is pursuing a doctoral degree in mathematics education. 

Chernoff, Brian

Brian Chernoff

Brian Chernoff has studied in Australia, lived in Guatemala and volunteered in Mexico and New Orleans. Now, 12 years after finishing his undergraduate work, he has returned to the classroom for “...more formal training and education for a career solving…

Bleyle, Susan

Susan Bleyle

As a graduate research assistant in the College of Education, Susan Bleyle is pursuing her passion to be a researcher and teacher educator in the field of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).

Murray, Cara

Cara Murray

Cara Murray is an adventurer. When she’s not in class, Cara has been to the foothills of the Andes, the city and plains of Argentina and the tropics of Costa Rica thanks to various UGA international education and public service…

Peters, Lian

Lian Peters

A commitment to interdisciplinary study defines Lian Peters.  From studying “Hamlet to selections from Helkiah Crooke’s Microcosmographia (a 1615 medical textbook) to modern research on visual perception,” Lian has intricately and thoroughly explored the many diverse opportunities at UGA.

Anderson, Laura

Lauren Anderson

A UGA geography of human rights class prompted Lauren Anderson to critically consider U.S. foreign policy and the international politics of human rights. So, this senior from Macon is focusing her studies, research and career aspirations in international affairs, with…

Chowdhury, Uzma

Uzma Chowdhury

Uzma Chowdhury plans to earn two bachelor’s degrees, one master’s degree and three minors when she graduates from UGA in spring 2014. In the meantime, she’s making a difference working in the university’s Fanning Institute on migrant education youth programs,…

Theresa Stratmann

“Most mathematicians never consider fieldwork, and most scientists in the field would rather be run over by a truck than use math as a conservation tool,” says Theresa Stratmann. She is proving that merging two fields is a winning concept…

Kamilah Gray

Kamilah Gray

Kamilah Gray has high hopes of being a chief marketing officer of a major film studio or television network one day.  In the meantime, this soon to be graduate, majoring in marketing and minoring in Chinese, is proud to be…