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Amazing Students

Mats Haugen

Mats Rime Haugen had to cross an ocean to come to UGA, and he uses his experience to help other international students see that the campus and community can be a home away from home.

Elizabeth White

Elizabeth White, a senior psychology major and future physician assistant, has taken full advantage of the opportunities available to her to pursue her goal of providing more accessible health care to those currently overlooked in the medical field due to…

Caroline Brinson

Caroline Brinson, who says she was born to be a Georgia Bulldog, is the definition of a student-athlete. Not only is she among the best college tennis players in the country, she’s compiled an impressive resume of academic honors.

Emily Giambalvo

Emily Giambalvo, a Ramsey Honors Scholar, started in sports journalism at The Red & Black on a whim. It led to nearly 300 stories, multiple awards and the opportunity to cover the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro for The…

Shreya Ganeshan

Shreya Ganeshan, a Foundation Fellow majoring in economics and statistics, is focused on clean energy innovation and deployment. In addition to studying abroad in the Netherlands, Washington, D.C., and Australia, she has left her mark on several campus groups that…

Sahl Hakim

Sahl Hakim’s passion lies with putting other people first, and it shows through his mentoring with Freshman Forum and his enthusiasm as a tour guide with the Visitors Center, also know as “the happiest place on campus.”

Juhi Varshney

Juhi Varshney has taken what seem to be disparate majors in biochemistry and women’s studies and molded a path for her future as a medical doctor specializing in women’s health while infusing clinical excellence with compassion and hope.

Shaun Goh

Shaun Goh’s passion is to become the best physician possible by learning how to take care of patients as a whole instead of just their problems. You’re just as likely to see him kayaking as you are finding him conducting…

Kelsey Brown

Kelsey Brown has a love for theatre and an academic passion for speech-language pathology. Throughout her undergraduate career she has been able to combine those fields in very creative ways.