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Amazing Students

Juhi Varshney

Juhi Varshney has taken what seem to be disparate majors in biochemistry and women’s studies and molded a path for her future as a medical doctor specializing in women’s health while infusing clinical excellence with compassion and hope.

Shaun Goh

Shaun Goh’s passion is to become the best physician possible by learning how to take care of patients as a whole instead of just their problems. You’re just as likely to see him kayaking as you are finding him conducting…

Kelsey Brown

Kelsey Brown has a love for theatre and an academic passion for speech-language pathology. Throughout her undergraduate career she has been able to combine those fields in very creative ways.

Blake Sherry

Blake Sherry, a senior in forest resources, is an ambassador for the Warnell School, president of the Forestry Club, a log roll champion and yes, he even chops wood.

Sydney Mohr

Sydney Mohr, a senior majoring in biology and psychology, has racked up impressive honors, been involved in research and participated in medical experiences home and abroad since she started at UGA. But it is her love of dancing, which led…

Jonah Driggers

For Jonah Driggers, UGA has opened many doors, including work with the Roosevelt Institute, an internship at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, trips to England, South Korea, Cuba and Tanzania, and much more. And if he could, he’d…

Madison Miracle

As a future doctor, Madison Miracle believes that medicine can be used as an agent of change, and she’s already put that belief into practice through volunteer work and study abroad. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg for…

David Newton

David Newton has wanted to be a physician since he was young, and thanks to research and intern work and community volunteering, he’s well on his way down that path. But it hasn’t been all books and labs — he…

Elizabeth Hardister

The resume for CURO Honors Scholar Elizabeth Hardister already reads like a seasoned emergency management professional, with experience ranging from the UGA Red Cross to the U.S. Department of State. She came to UGA for its undergraduate research program and…