The University of Georgia
Hutchins, Lindsey
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Liken, Hillary TB

Hillary Liken

Hillary Liken, who grew up in Athens, has found a wealth of opportunity at UGA. The pre-med student has studied abroad, worked in the exercise vascular biology lab and with the legal affairs office, and volunteered with the Mercy Health…

Harris, Felicia

Felicia Harris

While Felicia Harris’s four-year-old son was off to preschool in mid-August, Felicia was off to school, too. She began her doctoral program in the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, where she earned a master’s degree in health and…

Young, Orry tb

Orry Young

Orry Young is an emerging leader, thanks to the experiences he has had in the Army ROTC program and at UGA. As the current student commander of the Bulldog Battalion, UGA’s Army ROTC unit, Orry has been the recipient of…

mcIntyre, anna

Anna McIntyre

Anna McIntyre defines the word “ambition.”  From leadership positions in various UGA organizations and honors societies to work experiences on campus and related university internships, this Ball Ground native has plans to one day be a government relations representative for…

warner, samantha TB

Samantha Warner

Pre-veterinary medicine student Samantha Warner and her yellow-vested four-legged companions are easily identifiable on campus and in the community. Beyond her academic activities and successes, Samantha is an area coordinator and trainer for the Guide Dogs for the Blind. She…

tecroney, dana

Dana TeCroney

“A Cadillac brought me to UGA, but the people kept me here,” says New York native Dana TeCroney. While on a road trip home from visiting a friend in Miami, TeCroney stopped by UGA to check out the top ranked…

Molnar, Adam

Adam Molnar

Adam Molnar’s passion is helping people understand statistics. Molnar, who has traveled all over the world promoting statistical literacy, is pursuing a doctoral degree in mathematics education. 

Chernoff, Brian

Brian Chernoff

Brian Chernoff has studied in Australia, lived in Guatemala and volunteered in Mexico and New Orleans. Now, 12 years after finishing his undergraduate work, he has returned to the classroom for “...more formal training and education for a career solving…

Bleyle, Susan

Susan Bleyle

As a graduate research assistant in the College of Education, Susan Bleyle is pursuing her passion to be a researcher and teacher educator in the field of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).