The University of Georgia

Points of Pride


Enrollment for fall semester 2008 totalled 34,180–the highest in UGA history and the first time enrollment has exceeded 34,000.


The 4,837 new freshmen who enrolled in the fall of 2008 had an SAT average of 1253 and a high school grade point average of 3.8.


Of the new freshmen who enrolled in the summer and fall of 2008, 84 percent were Georgia residents and about 97 percent of the Georgia freshmen received the HOPE Scholarship. Altogether, for the current academic year, a total of 17,304 UGA students in all classes has HOPE Scholarships with a total value of $91.9 million. Since the HOPE Scholarship program was established in 1993, a total of 85,436 students has received scholarships worth a total of $857 million.


The 229 first-year students who enrolled in the School of Law in 2008 had a median score on the Law School Admission Test of 163, placing them near the top 10 percent of test-takers nationwide.


UGA students annually receive some of the most prestigious scholarships awarded to American undergraduates. In 2007, UGA was the only public university to have two recipients of the Rhodes Scholarship, giving UGA a total of 21 Rhodes Scholars in its history. One student received a 2008 Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship, giving UGA a total of 33 Goldwater recipients, and one student received a 2008 Harry Truman Scholarship, bringing the total number of UGA Truman winners to 15. A student also received a Morris Udall Scholarship in 2008, the third in recent years. In the 2007-2008 academic year, UGA was the only public university in the country with winners of Rhodes, Truman, Goldwater and Udall scholarships. Other scholarships UGA students have received in recent years include the Marshall (4), Mellon (4) and Gates-Cambridge (4).


UGA ranks 5th among the top 20 research universities in the number of students studying abroad. Nearly 30 percent of UGA undergraduates are involved in some form of international education each year. Many participate in nearly 170 study abroad and student exchange programs UGA conducts in more than 60 countries. UGA is 2nd in the number of students who travel on short-term study abroad.